Weird Weather & Newcaslte Quayside

The Baltic Gallery in Newcastle is instantly recognisable to locals. As such images like this make great works of art to be sold in local galleries.

The weather looked good late afternoon so I decided to plan a trip to Newcastle as I needed a couple of shots for upcoming articles.  Also it was a chance to use the 5D MK2 on such a project for the first time.  So child and partner in car we set off to the Metro centre where I would be dropping them off for shopping purposes!

The weather went from sun on Teesside to storm clouds around Sunderland and then snow and driving rain in Newcaslte!  More than a little weird and some very unusual cloud formations on display.  A bit of patience and a couple of hours on a freezing Quayside resulted in some clouds clearing and me managing to create a couple of good images.  Here’s one from tonight processed, finished and ready to be sold.  I usually work a mono with images I think suit the treatment too, and you I did exactly that with the Baltic image tonight.

Mono conversions are always worth creating if they suit the image. It gives you another option on the sales front!


2 thoughts on “Weird Weather & Newcaslte Quayside

  1. Thanks Robert. I enjoy these type of images and even though the weather wasn’t perfect this evening there were still shots to be had.

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