AUdi A6 2.0 TDI – Broncolor – and apologies for not posting for 5 months!

I came to realise today that it’s 5 months to the day since I actually posted on this particular blog.  For that I sincerely apologise.  I have to say that work has been hectic with a number of complicated projects taking up the majority of not only my work time, but also my free time.  I am however now slightly more on top of things than I was late last year – so hopefully should have some additional time for writing.  We have seen continued demand for one to one and small group photographic tuition which has certainly been interesting.  Our association with Broncolor continues and the mobil kit we use for the majority of our day to day tuition and shoots has proven to be reliable, powerful and exceptionally well built.  In other words continued recommendation from us.  Then again I am a believer in the principle of you get what you pay for.

We continue to put out a number of lifestyle and corporate magazines on the publishing side of our business and we are finally close to seeing one or two projects from the middle of last year come to fruition – however you will probably find out more about these in due course (sorry for all the cloak and dagger stuff – it’s really not that exciting I just like to add a sense of danger lol).  The joys of being continually faced with day to day problems and having to create great results in not a lot of time continues in to 2010 and it appears more work is on the horizon, meaning more opportunities to come up with innovative solutions to daily photographic life!

Today’s been a hectic day .. between viewing houses (A long story to say the least), working on one of our titles and picking a test vehicle up from Audi for road test and photoshoot, I’ve really not had much time to spare!  The Audi was picked up at around 4.30 … with another Audi TT in pursuit of me, we headed for a bite to eat in Newcastle City Centre.  A quick eat/meeting/planning session followed .. and we headed off at 6.30 to shoot a few shots off in one of the multistorey car parks.  We shot for around 15 minutes before having to head back to the offices … where the photo below was quickly processed in Lightroom 2 and then in CS4 before being resized for here.

This is the first of a number of images which will be used to illustrate a road test on the new Audi A6 2.0 TDIe.  Yes, I know it’s not the most exciting of vehicles to be road testing, but it is economical!  That’s something that can’t be said for the Audi R8 Spyder that’s heading our way sometime next month. I have to say I was distressed on picking this one up though as we got the vehicle in my least favourite colour to photo – black.  Glad I’m not having to do all the photography on it 🙂

Audi A6 2.0 TDIe photographed in Newcastle - Broncolor Mobil heads, ring flash and overhead lighting. Processed in Lightroom and CS4

I’m going to have to come back to you with some more comments and posts in the next week or so, as once more I’m having to dash off.


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