Staying connected …

Good morning. I’m currently writing this post on a WordPress app for the Blackberry 9700. I’m in a hotel room and its a Sunday morning but I’m still fully connected to work should I feel like it. I’ve been labouring these points all week … Through conversations, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and beyond! If you’re not managing your data and your business using the latest technology then you aren’t being efficient. Fact!

You may not like this fact and you may have plenty of excuses but believe me … Its still fact!

So what have I done this morning? Well I’ve checked my emails … My business pages on twitter, facebook and a couple of my blogs. I’ve emailed a client … Read the news .. Visited a couple of photography blogs … And I’m not yet out of bed!

As it happens I’ve forgot to bring a couple of files home from the office too. No real issue as I can connect to the hard drive they are stored on from my laptop .. No matter where I am … Saving me an hours round trip!

Have you taken a long hard look at HOW you do business this week? Have you thought about the operation behind your revenue and looked at how slick it is … Can you see places you can make improvements? I’m pretty sure can … So go take that look. Be realistic and honest with yourself. Commit the time and energy to effecting a positive change. Taking on board new technology and putting the effort in across the board takes energy and commitment … Dig deep though and you’ll find you’ve got plenty!

Anyway its time for breakfast for me … So enjoy your sunday. I know I will 🙂


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