Guest Photographer – Mark Tierney: Rock My Dress Shoot

The raised hands and material give a celebratory feel to the shot, and the processing is a little different. It's about giving choice without compromising on quality and style and this image does just that. The composition is simple and shot wider gives a real sense of space to the shot, fully capitalising on the scenery.

Thanks to Mark Tierney for writing this post for the blog: I’ve added comments with a few of the images to explain why these are particular favourites.

This is Joanna having a trash the dress shoot in her red wedding dress, taken at various locations on the Sheffield side of the Peak District.  The first location was shot at the base of the massive dam wall at Derwent Reservoir. This is the reservoir where the famous Dambusters trained during World War II. As we walking up to the dam a RAF Hercules transport plane flew in between the towers and I had my camera in my bag – aaarrgghh! What a great sight though! The second location was further down the Derwent Valley at the Ladybower overspill hole. The last location was high up on a windswept Baslow Edge. The conditions were perfect with some nice moody clouds over the valley.  I must say Joanna was great to work with and it was quite cold up there and she never complained once. Thanks for being a great model Joanna

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Staying connected …

Good morning. I’m currently writing this post on a WordPress app for the Blackberry 9700. I’m in a hotel room and its a Sunday morning but I’m still fully connected to work should I feel like it. I’ve been labouring these points all week … Through conversations, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and beyond! If you’re not managing your data and your business using the latest technology then you aren’t being efficient. Fact!

You may not like this fact and you may have plenty of excuses but believe me … Its still fact!

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Data capture for the photographer

Data.  Essentially one of the most important factors in your business.  In fact in any business.  Where the data comes from, what you do with it, how you use, clean it, market to it, are all crucially important – but often overlooked factors.

Do you even have a plan for data capture?  If not then perhaps is now the time to be thinking about it.  Lets take a look at the most obvious group here.  Existing customers … they are the bread and butter of your living, however do you have the ability to send them all an email update at the same time?  If not, then why not?  If you can, then are you able to send them a nice well designed email? Or just some random text?  How often do you keep in touch with them?  Do you have their mobile numbers, landlines, and addresses?  Can you mailshot them all in one go?

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Weird Weather & Newcaslte Quayside

The Baltic Gallery in Newcastle is instantly recognisable to locals. As such images like this make great works of art to be sold in local galleries.

The weather looked good late afternoon so I decided to plan a trip to Newcastle as I needed a couple of shots for upcoming articles.  Also it was a chance to use the 5D MK2 on such a project for the first time.  So child and partner in car we set off to the Metro centre where I would be dropping them off for shopping purposes!

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Family – The Best Medicine

Molly shot with softbox to right and grid to left.
Molly shot with softbox to right and grid to left.

Without moaning too much it’s fair to sat that I have been exceptionally busy of late.  I’ve had quite a few articles to write for other magazines, a fair bit of tuition work, the usual work load of shoots, not to mention a couple of publishing contracts with magazines about to go to press.

Although this looks like a selective colour it isn't.  It's a custom lightroom preset I use which still retained the colour in this shot.
Although this looks like a selective colour it isn't. It's a custom lightroom preset I use which still retained the colour in this shot.

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