Basic run through of some of the newer features in Lightroom CC inc Gradient, Brush and HDR

Just  quick run through of some of the basic features of Lightroom CC including the gradient tool and brush, and HDR tools.


Exposure Blending & HDR for landscapes without Neutral Density filters in Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC

Having too many blogs means you often neglect one or two.  This is often the case with me, and to be honest I have been neglecting anything other than my work focused photography and main businesses.  I’ve recently decided that I have not been giving enough back to the photographic community and have such have decided to make a comeback!  I will be doing some video posts on You Tube and putting together tutorials and will do my best to update the various blogs I have … or I may try to have just one main blog which is all encompassing!

Here’s a link to a recent video posted on You Tube.  Feel free to give comments and feedback below.

Weird Weather & Newcaslte Quayside

The Baltic Gallery in Newcastle is instantly recognisable to locals. As such images like this make great works of art to be sold in local galleries.

The weather looked good late afternoon so I decided to plan a trip to Newcastle as I needed a couple of shots for upcoming articles.  Also it was a chance to use the 5D MK2 on such a project for the first time.  So child and partner in car we set off to the Metro centre where I would be dropping them off for shopping purposes!

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