Broncolor Mobil A2R – Available Direct £2999

Broncolor Mobil A2R kit from Culturedphoto

We are pleased to announce you can now buy Broncolor products direct from us.  This applies to UK customers only.  As part of this we are offering the excellent Broncolor Mobil A2R kit including, battery, 2 heads, sync lead, charger and case for only £2999.  This is only available for a limited time.  As an added bonus if you buy before the end of March 2010 we will throw in a days tuition with the pack for half price – saving you £500 over the usual cost.

The pack boasts 1200w of power and is more than rugged enough to survive the day to day life of professional users.  Many people assume that Broncolor is out of their price range however at £2999 you can have the best lighting products available at a price that isn’t much more than the mid range competition.  We know which one will last longer, give you better reliability and better light!

The workshop day must be booked before the end of the year, and includes 6 hours of tuition, with 4 hours working with a model on location in the Northeast of England.  This is an ideal way to learn more about social and portrait photography and to learn how to get the best out of your pack for only £500 plus the purchase price of your kit.

Contact 0191 587 8179 for more information.