Staying connected …

Good morning. I’m currently writing this post on a WordPress app for the Blackberry 9700. I’m in a hotel room and its a Sunday morning but I’m still fully connected to work should I feel like it. I’ve been labouring these points all week … Through conversations, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and beyond! If you’re not managing your data and your business using the latest technology then you aren’t being efficient. Fact!

You may not like this fact and you may have plenty of excuses but believe me … Its still fact!

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Follow me on Twitter

I’ve finally succumbed to the world of twitter.  Yes we have twitter accounts for work and magazine projects and all sorts of things, but until now I have avoided using it.  Despite registering some time ago I have as of this week started to us it.  This is my first announcement of doing so – if you actually care what I’m up to on a day to day basis then feel free to ‘follow me’ 🙂

On another note we are launching a magazine aimed at getting people to live a healthier life.  This magazine is aimed at the North of the UK, however you are free to follow us on Twitter at and you can become a friend on facebook at

This literally is at the planning stage at the moment, and this is the first time we have entertained making people aware of what we are doing before we have actually done it!  Add yourself as a friend, retweet, tweet us, comment, suggested, link .. do as you see fit.  Just because we are focusing on one part of the world doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get your part of the world to think about hitting the gym a bit more and living a little more healthy!!